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Post Master's Principal License Certificate

Jackie Brocka

Jackie Brocka - Class of 2005, 2016
BA, Post Master's Principal License

"Not every child is the same, but every child can be successful. As a kindergarten teacher, my classroom is full of successful moments. As a child writes their first sentence, reads their first book, or ties their shoe for the first time, they are setting up skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. With the tools that I gained from the University of Portland, I can help each child reach their full potential. I believe in the power that educators have, and that’s why I teach each child’s mind, heart, and hands through the way they learn best. That’s why I’m a pilot. "

The principal license offered through the post masters certificate program on the University of Portland campus provides experience in addressing the leadership and management needs of contemporary schools and districts for individuals seeking to become first-time administrators.  

Post Master's Principal License Certificate Requirements - 27 hours

ED 519 Principal Leadership Seminar & Research/Case Study Analysis (3 hrs)
ED 526 Principal Leadership Practicum - Clinical Experience (3 hrs)
ED 543 Cultural Responsiveness & Community Building (3 hrs)
ED 544 Human Resource Development, Growth, Supervision, and Evaluation (3 hrs)
ED 545 Leadership and Organizational Change (3 hrs)
ED 546 Policy, Ethics, and the Law (3 hrs)
ED 547 Operations Management, Resource Allocation, and School Finance (3 hrs)
ED 548 Supervision of Learning and Instruction (3 hrs)
ED 549 Principal Leadership Practicum - Leadership Portfolio (3 hrs)

Course descriptions are available in the University of Portland Bulletin.

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Program Contact

Anne Rasmussen
Academic Specialist for Graduate Programs and Licensure

Note: Please note that a minimum of 3 years of in-school experience as a licensed educator is required for admission.

Note: Some courses required for the Oregon Principal License may also be completed as a specialty area (18-21 credits) during a master of education (MEd) program or to satisfy 15 area of concentration credits in the doctor of education (EdD) program. Please consult with the program contact for details as to what additional non-degree coursework is required to completed the license component.