Undergraduate Program Overview

Meet Maggie Hamilton, UP School of Education's undergraduate alumna. Maggie has been teaching for over 2 years. She is currently a teacher at Lake Washington School District.

As an undergraduate education major, you will begin serving in schools during the first semester of your program and complete over 1,200 hours of classroom field experience before you graduate. You will have the option to double major, or minor in the Arts and Sciences and to add teaching endorsements in reading, special education, and ESOL. Most importantly, you will graduate prepared to join a professional network of alumni and peers, ready to make a difference in the lives of children and families.

Father Basil Moreau, founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross, said "The mind will not be cultivated at the expense of the heart." We take that adage very seriously. We educate the mind by providing a professional grounding in the theory and practice of teaching. We educate the heart by developing learning that is well-rounded to cultivate an appreciation for a variety of perspectives and to ensure future teachers learn ethical practice. To help bridge the gap between study and practice, we provide hands-on experience in K-12 schools each semester beginning the freshman year, and we foster analytical thinking and communication skills to develop your teaching voice.

Freshmen Candidates

Admission of freshmen candidates is based upon a derived matrix score which includes a combination of predictors of probable success: SAT scores, academic records (including grade point average), essay sample, and a personal recommendation. The matrix components are reviewed annually by the School of Education faculty. Apply Here

Transfer Students

Admission of transfer candidates is determined on the evaluation of college transcripts (high school transcripts if fewer than 26 semester or 39 quarter hours of college work have been completed) and essays. Apply Here

Advancement to the Professional Year

The process of advancement to the professional year entails review by the School of Education associate dean and approval by the University Teacher Education Committee (UTEC). Elementary and secondary undergraduate majors enrolled in the bachelor of arts (BA) program must take a minimum of 12 semester hours in education courses at the University of Portland in order to enter the professional year. In addition, secondary candidates enrolled in the bachelor of science in secondary education (BSSE) program must take and successfully complete 75 percent of the courses required in the endorsement area at the University of Portland.

Prerequisites apply to all candidates desirous of advancing to the professional year:

  1. Passage of TSPC approved tests required for licensure.*
  2. Minimum of 2.50 cumulative GPA for all academic work at the University of Portland;
  3. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.70 in all education classes;
  4. A grade of C or better in all education courses; candidates who receive a grade of C- or lower in any education course must repeat the course;
  5. Minimum 2.70 GPA in the teaching specialty (secondary/endorsement) area;
  6. Passage of ENG 107 or equivalent course with a grade of B- or better. (Note: ENG 107 is waived if SAT Verbal Score is 630 or above);
  7. Successful completion of all field work prior to the professional year;
  8. Recommendations from two University of Portland School of Education faculty members for elementary education candidates. For secondary education candidates, an additional recommendation from a University of Portland School of Education faculty member in the endorsement area is required;
  9. All paperwork and approvals necessary for student teaching must be completed by June 1 prior to fall semester for site placement in the professional year.

Undergraduate Course Sheet - BA
Undergraduate Course Sheet - BSSE

Want More Information?

Information Session:
Thursday, February 1, 2018 from 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
Franz Hall - Siegfried Conference Room

For more information about the program or to RSVP for the information session:
Annie Popoff
Program Counselor for Teacher Licensure Programs

*See Testing Requirements for details about the tests required for licensure.


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