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3+1 Pathway

Brielle Schrader

Brielle Schrader - Class of 2021, 2022

"Nothing in the world can fill the pure joy I receive when I get to see the excitement on the face of my students who are improving in each learning situation. Teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs, since I get to physically see the progress that my students are making. There will always be times of struggle and times of great reward, but it is how I help students advance in these times that really matters. The relationship I make with my students is what they will remember for the rest of their lives. The University of Portland has taught me that I am not just helping my students grow, but I am also growing with my students. As a teacher, I am not always teaching my students, but they are also teaching me things. Together we learn and grow from each other and that is why I am becoming a teacher. "

Complete your Bachelor and Master's in Four Years

The Bachelor / Master of Teaching 3+1 pathway supports exceptional undergraduate students who seek to accelerate their studies and earn both bachelors and masters degrees in only four years.

This pathway combines a rigorous undergraduate curriculum with our state (TSPC) and nationally (NCATE/CAEP) accredited Master of Arts in Teaching graduate program. One of the first of its kind in the Pacific Northwest, this pathway offers students the benefits of both programs, and prepares individuals for careers a elementary or secondary school teachers, eligible for licensure at the end of the pathway's fourth year.

All students pursuing this pathway must pass state-required content exams prior to starting the MAT fourth-year, meaning that every MAT candidate is certifiable and ready to begin teaching immediately after graduation.

Admission and Pathway Requirements

There are no additional requirements - - students can declare an interest in this pathway when they apply to the University of Portland. Students who intend to pursue the 3+1 pathway will connect with the School of Education Program Counselor for Teacher Licensure Programs, who will evaluate high school transcripts, transfer credit, and develop a four-year plan for completing the program.

This pathway requires 150 total semester credits. 120 semester credits are completed in three years, leading to a bachelor's degree in Education. The remaining credits are completed in the fourth year, leading to a master's degree in teaching and eligibility for teacher licensure.

Want More Information?

Watch our informational video link or contact Erin Oleson, Program Counselor.

Erin Oleson
Program Counselor for Teacher Licensure Programs
oleson@up.edu503.943.8124 or 1.800.546.3633