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Resources for Community Members

The University of Portland School of Education supports and promotes professional growth and development, mentorship, and networking among educators and educational leaders in the Portland metropolitan and SW Washington area. We also partner with the community to provide resources, learning opportunities, and programming for adults, students, and children.

Our Resources

Recommendations and Resources for Racial Equity in Education

The School of Education engages with twenty school systems and over 100 individual schools annually, representing geographically, racially, and socio-economically diverse communities.

Learn more about the Recommendations and Resources for Racial Equity in Education

Educational Leadership director Peter Hamilton

Educational Leadership Network

The Educational Leadership Network hosts local activities to provides yearly access to national expertise, issues, and best practices without the time and cost of conferences.

Learn more about the Educational Leadership Network

Education student Kim Ilosvay teaching students

Teacher Leadership Network

The Teacher Leadership Network provides teachers, community educators, current students, and alumni yearly professional development opportunities linked to professional development unit hours and education credential programming.

Learn more about the Teacher Leadership Network

Education student Hannah Fink  teaching grade schoolers about plants

Multnomah County Partnership for Education Research

The Multnomah County Partnership for Education Research is an on-going partnership between Northwest Evaluation Association™ (NWEA), the School of Education at the University of Portland (UP), and six districts within Multnomah County.

Learn more about the Multnomah County Partnership for Education Research

Leah Ecaruan Teaching

Dyslexia Initiative

Dyslexia represents the most common and most prevalent of all known learning disabilities and impacts approximately 1 in 5 individuals (National Institute of Health). We understand that the challenges of dyslexia can be met through changes in teacher education, support for the professional development of in-service teachers, and advocacy for students and families.

Learn more about the Dyslexia Initiative

Education student talking with two grade school children

Summer Learning Program

Since 1994, the Summer Learning Program has provided tutoring to the youth of Portland and SW Washington four mornings a week on the University of Portland campus during the five-week summer session. The tutoring program focuses on literacy and math.

Learn more about the Summer Learning Program

Two education students reading to preschoolers

Latest News

Want to keep up with what the School of Education is working on? Check out our latest news and catch up on any missed information from our archived newsletter.

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4 four students and a professors holding a banner: Pilot Pledge against Cyberbullying

Anti-Cyberbullying Resources

We Believe education can help prevent on-line bullying, offering avenues for mentoring relationships and tools for dealing with the consequences of this emerging societal issue.

Learn more about Anti-Cyberbullying Resources

Mural painting of MLK

Roosevelt High School Freedom Fighters Project

The Freedom Fighters project helped both social studies students at the University of Portland and Roosvelt High School learn the importance of authentic activities that engage students with the community and promote social justice.

Learn more about the Roosevelt High School Freedom Fighters Project

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