Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree

BA Learning Outcomes

The BA in education degree leads to recommendation for Oregon licensure at two levels of authorization: early childhood and elementary education or elementary and middle level education. Additional endorsements may also be completed with additional hours of study. General degree outcomes are listed below. Candidates for the degree will be able to meet Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission authorization standards:
  • Plan instruction that supports student progress in learning in multiple subject areas and is appropriate for the early childhood,elementary, or middle developmental levels.
  • Establish a classroom climate conducive to learning.
  • Engage students in planned learning activities.
  • Evaluate, act upon, and report student progress in learning.
  • Exhibit professional behaviors, ethics, and values.

BA Degree Requirements

To qualify for the degree and recommendation for Oregon licensure, the following requirements must be met:
  1. Passage of all TSPC approved tests required for licensure by March 1 of the sophomore year. Exceptions are subject to approval by the associate dean;
  2. Completion of a minimum of 120 semester hours of study;
  3. Successful completion of all coursework with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50;
  4. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.70 in all education classes;
  5. A grade of C or better in all education courses; candidates who receive a grade of C or lower in any education course must repeat the course;
  6. Passage of ENG 107 or equivalent course with a grade of B- or better (Note: ENG 107 is waived is SAT Verbal Score is 630 or above);
  7. Successful completion of student teaching to include an edTPA portfolio;
  8. Recommendation for licensure from the associate dean;
  9. Subject to approval by the dean, candidates who are not able to complete student teaching and student teaching seminar and/or other licensure requirements may be recommended for graduation without licensure by substituting upper division educational coursework which meets University requirements for a degree;
  10. During the professional year, candidates may not enroll in more than 15 semester hours each semester. Exceptions are subject to approval by the associate dean.

Course Requirements

University Core Requirements -- 39 hrs.

FA 207 Introduction to Fine Arts (3 cr.)

HST 210 United States: Early America (3 cr.)


HST 211 United States: Modern America (3 cr.)

ENG 112 Introduction to Literature (3 cr.)

MTH 160 Quantitative Reasoning (3 cr.)


MTH 161 Elementary Statistics (3 cr.)

PHL 150 Introductory Philosophy (3 cr.)

PHL 220 Ethics (3 cr.)

PHY 109 Powerful Ideas in Physical Science (3 cr.)

ENV 110 Earth Systems Science (3 cr.)

Two Social Science Electives (6 cr.)

THE 105 Introduction to Theology (3 cr.)

THE 205 The Bible, Past and Present (3 cr.)

THE XXX Upper-division Theology Elective (3 cr.)

BA Major Requirements -- 81 hrs.

ED 150     Introduction to Education (3 cr.)

ED 250     Pre-Adolescent Theories of Development and Learning (3 cr.)

ED 320     Foundations of Education (3 cr.)

ED 330     Policies and Practices for Diverse Learners (3 cr.)

ED 340     Pre-Adolescent Health and Wellness for Educators (3 cr.)

ED 400     Pre-Adolescent Curriculum and Instruction (3 cr.)

ED 411     Assessment (3 cr.)

ED 414     Children's and Adolescent Literature and Library (3 cr.)

ED 424     Technology in Education (3 cr.)

ED 426     Pre-Adolescent Classroom Relationships and Management (3 cr.)

ED 442     Reading and Language Arts Methods (3 cr.)

ED 445     Mathematics and Science Methods (3 cr.)

ED 447     Fostering Creativity in the Classroom (3 cr.)

ED 470     Multi-Subject (Elementary) Student Teaching (3 cr.)

ED 472     Multi-Subject (Elementary) Student Teaching (3 cr.)

ED 476     Multi-Subject (Elementary) Student Teaching: Advanced (3 cr.)

ED 481     Language, Literacy and Culture (3 cr.)

ED 487     Multi-Subject (Elementary) Seminar for Student Teachers (3 cr.)

BIO 203   Human Form and Function (3 cr.)

ENG 107  College Writing (3 cr.)

MTH 105  Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I (3 cr.)

MTH 106 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II (3 cr.)

Electives (15 cr.)

Total Credit Hours: 120

Course descriptions are available in the University of Portland Bulletin.


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