University of Portland Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

University of Portland Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

Meet Erik Mellgren, UP School of Education's Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) graduate. He graduated with a Master's in secondary education and now teaches science at Baker Prairie Middle School.

The innovative 10-month master of arts in teaching (MAT) program prepares individuals for careers as licensed elementary or secondary teachers.  Our state (TSPC) and nationally (CAEP) accredited program seeks individuals hoping to make a difference in the lives of children, young adults, and families. At the University of Portland School of Education, our mission emphasizes the belief that every student can be a successful learner: every heart, every mind, every child. Talented candidate cohorts with diverse life-experience and academic backgrounds are formed each year for the full-time program, which runs June through April.

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An Opportunity to Earn while YOU Learn!

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Scholarships and Tuition Support

In addition to offering one of the lowest total MAT tuition packages in the metropolitan area, we provide a number of tuition remission scholarships based on financial need and merit. We believe that higher education, like our Master of Arts in Teaching programs, should be accessible to anyone who desires it. Learn more about priority scholarship deadlines and complete a common application form on our graduate programming scholarships page.

Total Program Cost and Tuition Rate

The MAT tuition package is one of the lowest in the metropolitan area. In addition to a 'no fee required' application, tuition and fees are locked in for each cohort. Our comprehensive MAT tuition package incorporates many of the additional or hidden fees added to the cost at other institutions.

Students are assessed no added course or field experience fees, and mandatory finger printing and background checks are provided on campus for student convenience. There are no prerequisite courses required or added to program costs. State testing is completed as an application requirement, providing you the advantage of immediate state certification upon meeting program requirements in May. This schedule helps candidates avoid additional testing fees and delays in certification due to testing retakes. We advocate for a transparent and affordable tuition package for your planning convenience and professional plans.  Tuition rates for our Master of Arts in Teaching programs are the same for both Oregon and out-of-state candidates.  For the latest tuition information, please visit our graduate tuition rates and scholarships page.

Two Centuries of Tradition in Social Justice

For nearly two centuries, we have prepared teachers and school leaders in the tradition of "Whole-Child Education": the belief that all children can learn provided committed partnerships with families, respect for the backgrounds of children, and education that teaches to the whole child.

Basil Moreau, founder of this Holy Cross tradition, believed that education is a matter of justice; that gaps in achievement and opportunity could be addressed through education that cultivates the community for the betterment of the whole learner:

Education is the art of helping children to completeness.
-Rev. Basil Moreau, 1856

Fast forward to present day. The world is in need of excellent teachers as never before.  The School of Education inherits this tradition and our students and alumni carry it forward. We build on this centuries-old educational philosophy and encourage the educators we train to pass it along to their own students. Founded on this principle of education as justice, the University of Portland Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program is recognized locally and nationally as a model program with the highest reputation and long-term track record of excellence.

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