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Vision. Mission. Future.

Shaped by two centuries of tradition, we live out our belief that education is a matter of justice; that gaps in achievement and social opportunity can be addressed through educators who are skilled in practice and formed by mission. Every heart. Every mind. Every child.

Our Vision

Preparing professional educators to serve all learners: Every heart, every mind, every child.

Our Mission

Affirming an ethos that each individual is a learner, that dignity and justice are achieved through education, and that education is a community responsibility, the School of Education continues a Holy Cross mission that began two centuries ago to prepare teachers and leaders to "educate the whole child: the heart, the mind, the hands" (Moreau, 1856). Through programs of professional preparation, service, and community building, the School engages society both in the present, and in the future, through generations of alumni in the pursuit of the common good.

Education is the art of helping young people to completeness.

- Blessed Basil Moreau, CSC, Founder of Holy Cross

Guided by the University commitment to be a premier comprehensive Catholic university, the School of Education prepares individuals at all stages of their careers to become exceptional professional educators, who teach and lead. Such educators, the School of Education believes, demonstrate an array of knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions. They are life-long learners who are empathetic and respectful of others. They are exceptional communicators and can work effectively with others. Knowledgeable of both theory and practice, they have a broad and deep knowledge about students, the curriculum, and learning, and the concomitant skills to organize classrooms and employ instructional strategies to meet the diverse needs of learners.

Your Future

The School of Education draws on two centuries of the Holy Cross tradition of educating the whole professional, uniquely positioning us to blend timeless pedagogy with cutting edge classroom innovation. We partner with approximately 100 local schools and 18 school systems in the area, where teacher candidates successfully serve diverse learning communities in unique partnerships, residencies, internships, and student teaching.

We believe our professional network is the life blood of strong and stable careers in education. When you enter the School of Education, you are welcomed into an alumni network of teachers and school leaders over 7,500 strong that runs deep into public and private schools. Our Alumni Board works to promote a professional network among graduates to help you cultivate deep professional friendships and opportunities. Our professional network promotes lifelong connections between recent graduates and master teachers and leaders, arranging mentoring of new teachers, professional development opportunities, and employment advice throughout your career. From licensure to leadership, our professional network launches and sustains your career and advancement in education.


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