Professional Administrator License

Meet Joy Hunt, UP School of Education's undergraduate, master of education, and professional administrator licese program alumnus. Joy has over 30+ years working in both public and private schools. Joy is currently the Principal at St. Therese Catholic School.

The professional administrator license (Pro-AL) is offered as a stand-alone post master's certificate for master's-prepared licensed teachers.  Our tuition rate for education graduate students is highly competitive with other programs in the area. For the latest tuition information, please visit our graduate tuition rates and scholarships page.  

Please see the Graduate School's Application Requirements webpage for details about the application requirements.  Questions about enrolling in either program option should be directed to Anne Rasmussen at or 503.943.8257.

Post Master's Pro-AL Certificate Requirements - 18 hours

ED 552 Leadership for Sustaining the Vision (3 cr.)

ED 553 Leadership for Instructional Improvement (3 cr.)

ED 554 Leadership for Effective Data Driven Decision Making (3 cr.)

ED 556 Effective Leadership and Management in the Socio-Political Context (3 cr.)

ED 557 Ethical Leadership and Moral Imperative for Inclusive Practice (3 cr.)

ED 559 CAL Leadership Practicum (3 cr.)

Course descriptions are available in the University Bulletin.

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