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Post Master's Professional Administrator License (Pro-AL) Certificate

The professional administrator license (Pro-AL) offered through the post master's certificate program on the University of Portland campus provides the coursework and experience necessary for master’s-prepared and licensed teachers who already hold their preliminary administrator license (Pre-AL) to continue their administrative licensure.

Post Master’s Pro-AL Certificate Requirements - 18 hrs

ED 552 Leadership for Sustaining the Vision (3 hrs)
ED 553 Leadership for Instructional Improvement (3 hrs)
ED 554 Leadership for Effective Data Driven Decision Making (3 hrs)
ED 556 Inclusive Leadership through Engagement and Advocacy (3 hrs)
ED 557 Ethical Leadership and Moral Imperative for Inclusive Practice (3 hrs)
ED 559 Professional Administrator License (Pro-AL) Leadership Practicum (3 hrs)

Course descriptions are available in the University of Portland Bulletin.

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Program Contact

Anne Rasmussen
Academic Specialist for Graduate Programs and Licensure

Note: The Pro-AL is also offered as an area of concentration option in the doctor of education (EdD) program.