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Reading Intervention Endorsement

Elizabeth Roshak

Elizabeth Roshak - Class of 2015
Master of Arts in Teaching, Reading Endorsement

"Being a teacher is about passion. A mentor at UP once told me that students will learn in spite of you. Being a teacher for me isn’t just about making students learn, it is about building relationships with students and mentoring them in a meaningful way, the learning follows naturally. I believe that all students can succeed, but sometimes need a champion to show them. That is why I am passionate about building strong relationships with my students. That is why I am a pilot. "

The reading intervention endorsement provides candidates with the coursework for knowledge that aligns the International Literacy Association (ILA) standards with the School of Education's Shared Values. In addition to knowledge-based coursework, candidates engage in clinical activities across their program so as to advance the ability to diagnose and remediate literacy learning problems in diverse instructional settings, as well as provide literacy leadership in a school. The reading intervention endorsement is state (TSPC) and nationally accredited (CAEP).

The reading intervention endorsement is offered for both licensed teachers and undergraduate students:

If you are a licensed teacher, please contact Anne Rasmussen, graduate program specialist, at or 503.943.8257 for more information about the reading intervention endorsement.

If you are an undergraduate student interested in pursuing the reading intervention endorsement as part of your program, please consult with your faculty advisor for more information.

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