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ESOL Endorsement

Meet Sara Jacobs, UP School of Education's alumnus with an endorsement in ESOL. She has been an elementary teacher for over 5 years in the McMinnville School District.

The English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) endorsement provides candidates with coursework that aligns with the Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) standards and with the School of Education's Shared Values. In addition to knowledge-based coursework, candidates engage in clinical activities across their program so as to become an ESOL educator who is able to teach students from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds, many of whom speak no or limited English, in a variety of program models. The ESOL endorsement is state (TSPC) and nationally accredited (CAEP).

The ESOL endorsement online courses engage candidates in synchronous learning that is collaborative, interactive, and learner centered.  Candidates participate in rich discussions, in evidence-based strategies that can be immediately applied to the classroom, and in collaborative projects that build teachers’ professional work.  Candidates who have taken the online courses have commented that the content is meaningful, they received timely feedback, were provided with useful resources, and that they felt part of a comfortable classroom community. 

What is it like to be an ESOL teacher?  |  ESOL Teacher Professional Knowledge  |  Curriculum

The ESOL endorsement is offered for both licensed teachers and undergraduate students:

*Graduates may earn the Dual Language Specialization by pursing the ESOL endorsement, an additional DL methodology course and participating in field and clinical experiences in a dual language classroom.

If you are a licensed teacher, please contact Anne Rasmussen, graduate program specialist, at or 503.943.8257 for more information about the ESOL endorsement.

If you are an undergraduate student interested in pursuing the ESOL endorsement as part of your program, please consult with your faculty advisor for more information.

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