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Anti-Cyberbullying Resources for Parents and Teachers

Cyberbullying Parent Teacher Resources

Website: How to Deal with Cyberbullying: The Ultimate Guide [2023]
Covers topics such as: what cyberbullying is, types of cyberbullying, cyberbullying on social media and games, anti-cyberbullying laws, how to identify cyberbullying, how to deal with and prevent cyberbullying.

Website: Cyberbullying: A Guide to Internet and Computer Safety
Defines and identifies signs of cyberbullying, its effects, ways parents can help and additional resources.

Article: Guide to Parental Control 2019 - Keep your child safe online
 Free tools to supervise and manage how your child uses the internet on different technological devices like phones, computers, and tablets. 

Article: Coping with Cyberbullying: Differences Between Victims, Bully-victims and Children not Involved in Bullying
Focus: An article published in the Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology investigating the relationship between the use of coping strategies to deal with daily stressors in general and the use of coping strategies to deal with cyberbullying in particular among children aged 11 and 12 years.

Website: Cyberbullying Research Center
Focus: Provides up-to-date information about the nature and extent of online aggression among adolescents

Website: National Crime Prevention Council - Information and Resources
Focus: Offers research, information, tips and public service announcements on Cyberbullying

Website: Stop Bullying on the Spot
Focus: Video workshops, downloadable Power Point presentations, family materials, tip sheets and other resources.

Website: The Anti-Bullying Guidebook
Focus: How to recognize, prevent, and stop bullying in school, at work, and online.

Website: Embrace Civility in the Digital Age
Focus: Strategies for parents and educators to assist helping young people understand how to use the Internet in a safe and responsible manner. Downloadable resources and Cyberbullying guides for parents

Website: In Memory of Ryan Patrick Halligan
Focus: Website developed by a family to provide information and resources related to Cyberbullying and its impact on youth

Website: Keeping Children Safe Online
Focus: Gives information to parents about the unique risks facing children on the Internet, plus access lists of recommended parental control features and tips for monitoring computer use at home.

Website: Digital Safety - Staying Safe Online
Focus: A blog post that provides an overview of several dangers on the Internet and how to deal with them.

Website: Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports
Focus: Schoolwide bully prevention and interventions.

Website: Education Northwest
Focus: What the research says on cyberbullying and electronic aggression.

Website: Cyberbullying in College
Focus: Tips, tools, and solutions for recognizing and stopping bullying in social media and online.

Website: The Bullying Business
Focus: Information about bullying today, cyberbullying, how to counter bullying, and anti-bullying.

Website: Cyberbullying: The Complete Resource Guide
Focus: Information about defining and identifying bullying, how to help in cyberbullying situations, cyberbullying and the law, and cyberbullying on social media.

Website: Bullying by the Numbers
Focus: A breakdown of bullying statistics and facts.

Website: How Can I Help My Child Who's Being Bullied?
Focus: Bullying resources, articles, statistics, and definitions.

Website: NetSmartz
Focus: Internet safety and cyberbullying.

Website: OnGuard Online
Focus: FTC's free online security tips and resources.

Website: Guide to Protecting Your Child Online
Focus: Information and guidance for parents to protect their kids from the dangers the internet holds and allow them to enjoy the social, educational, and entertaining benefits of being online.

Website: The Effects of Cyberbullying on Youth
Focus: Guide to better understand the mental and physical effects of cyberbullying on youth.