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Master of Education (MEd) - Neuroeducation

The School of Education is reviewing neuroeducation programming and is not presently accepting new applications for course, certificate, and area of concentration enrollments. Please contact the appropriate program counselor if you have questions.

The neuroeducation specialty option offered through the master of education (MEd) program on the University of Portland provides professionals an opportunity to study the relationship between the brain, the mind, and translational applications. Any professionals involved in human interaction, teaching, and learning, such as business executives, nurses, counselors, educators, speech-language pathologists, and psychologists, will find the information useful to their respective practices. 

The curriculum provides state of the art translational course work integrating neuroscience, cognition, and learning into practice. Each course provides three components: 1) core neuroscience research, 2) current applications of the brain-mind connection, 3) translational studies into educational practices.

MEd Neuroeducation Requirements - 36 hours

MEd Core Requirements - 15 hrs
ED 550 Professional Growth and Development (3 hrs)
ED 551 Social and Cultural Foundations (3 hrs)
ED 555 Teacher as Researcher (3 hrs)
ED 558 Educational Research for Improved Student Learning (3 hrs)
ED 598 MEd Capstone Project (3 hrs)

MEd Neuroeducation Specialty Requirements - 21 hrs 
ED 585 Foundations of Cognitive Processes in Learning (3 hrs)
ED 586 Neuroscience and Learning (3 hrs)
ED 587 Neuro-Biological Aspects of Learning in Diverse Populations (3 hrs)
ED 588 Neuroeducation: A Cultural-Linguistic Translation (3 hrs)
ED 589 Translational Studies and Research in Neuroeducation* (3 hrs)
ED 593 Reading & Topics in Neuroeducation and Education (3 hrs)
ED 5XX Elective (3 hrs)

*Students may enroll in ED 589 only after all other neuroeducation courses have been completed.

Course descriptions are available in the University of Portland Bulletin

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Program Contact

Anne Rasmussen
Academic Specialist for Graduate Programs and Licensure

Note: Neuroeducation is also offered as a post master’s certificate and as an area of concentration in the Doctor of Education (EdD) program.  Students who select neuroeducation as their MEd specialty option and then later choose to return to the University of Portland to complete the EdD program cannot select neuroeducation as their EdD area of concentration.