A History of Partnership with Guam | University of Portland

A History of Partnership with Guam

For over 30 years, the University of Portland has partnered with the educational community on Guam to provide advanced teacher and leadership programming. Two programs, the MEd in educational leadership and the school administrator licensure program, have graduated over 500 alumni on Guam. Our alumni work in key teaching, principalship, district administrative, and government positions serving education on Guam. 

Fully accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and the Guam Commission on Teacher Education (GCTE), our programs benefit from a strong professional network, face-to-face instruction from UP faculty who travel to Guam to teach courses, and a two-century tradition in education, based on the ideals of Holy Cross and the approach to teaching “the whole child: the heart, the mind, the hands." 

In 2012, we celebrated our 30th anniversary on Guam, affirming our commitment to the Guam community, and initiating new programs to support alumni through professional learning communities and ongoing professional development. We invite you to join our tradition on Guam—join UP!

A History of Partnership and Community

Frank Blas, Sr., former Lieutenant Governor of Guam, is credited as the first Guamanian to graduate with an undergraduate degree from the University of Portland in 1965.  Since then, steady numbers of Guam residents have traveled to Portland, Oregon to complete an undergraduate education on our main campus at the University of Portland. A tight knit educational community, UP is known for its academic rigor and excellence, combined with dedicated faculty and students who form lasting friendships and strong professional networks. Guam Night, the annual celebration sponsored by the University Guam Club, is an anticipated annual event organized by our Guamanian students and celebrated by students and faculty across campus.

Our graduate education programs on Guam were initiated by alumni returning to the island who entered careers in teaching and school leadership. Over the decades, the MEd in educational leadership and the school administrator licensure programs have grown and continue to reflect the community we share on our campus in Portland: face-to-face teaching with UP faculty, knowing students both personally and professionally, forming professional networks in support of alumni and continuing education. This partnership continues to flourish, enriching lives, serving families and students, and preparing professionals for distinguished careers in teaching and leadership.

Please view a tour of the beautiful University of Portland campus led by our Guam Club!