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Special Education Generalist Endorsement

Marissa Manza

Marissa Manza - Class of 2014, 2016
BA, MED, Special Education Endorsement

"Every person’s brain works differently and that gives each of us different strengths and weaknesses. Being a special education teacher, I keep this in mind each day as I work to instill confidence in my students by matching what I do as a teacher with how my students best learn. I see education as a process that involves not only the brain, but also the whole person and each day I seek to educate the student’s heart, mind and body. I see education this way because this is how I was taught. My students are my teachers too. I believe in the beauty and value of each individual student and the power they have to make this world a better place and that is why I am a teacher. "

The special education generalist endorsement provides candidates with the coursework for knowledge that aligns the professional Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) standards with the School of Education's Shared Values. In addition to knowledge-based coursework, candidates engage in clinical activities across their program so as to become an inclusive educator or a special educator who is able to work with a variety of individuals with disabilities across varying levels of severity. The special education generalist endorsement is state (TSPC) and nationally accredited (NCATE).

The special education generalist endorsement is offered for both licensed teachers and undergraduate students:   

If you are a licensed teacher, please contact Anne Rasmussen, graduate program specialist, at rasmusse@up.edu or 503.943.8257 for more information about the special education generalist endorsement.

If you are an undergraduate student interested in pursuing the special education generalist endorsement as part of your program, please consult with your faculty advisor for more information.

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