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Professional Service

PACErs are welcomed by principals who say, "They bring something into the building that no one else does" — a reference to the up-to-date educational methods, commitment to making a difference in children's lives, and faith-based idealism that characterizes the mission of PACE. PACErs spend two full years serving and teaching in Catholic elementary and secondary schools. During this time they put their current coursework into practice, with the ongoing support they receive from their building principal, in-school mentor, and University supervisor. These interactions support PACErs while serving and gaining state certification as licensed educators.

Components of Professional Service

  • Regularly scheduled formal observations by a University supervisor and the school principal
  • Mentoring by an on-site teacher
  • Ongoing supervision and support from the school principal
  • Subsidized housing on site
  • Health coverage arranged by the program
  • A "simple living" teaching stipend (approx. $1,200/mo.)