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Academic Learning

Components of Academic Learning

  • Tuition-free graduate degree in education
  • Academic program customized to meet the requirements for teacher licensure
  • Eligibility for teacher certification (MAT) or licensure endorsement (MEd)
  • One level of authorization for initial licensure candidates
  • Housing on campus for the academic summer sessions
  • Distance-learning courses while on-site during the school year

PACE teachers spend two summers on the University of Portland campus earning a tuition-free graduate degree in education — a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) for applicants who have not majored in education or a Master of Education (MEd) for applicants who have majored in education and are licensed to teach.

During the two intervening academic years, PACErs take one or more courses online, in addition to teaching full-time, to fulfill degree requirements. MEd candidates take courses to enhance their knowledge in specialty areas such as reading intervention. Through this intensive fusion of the study of teaching with the practice of teaching, PACErs develop and refine the skills it takes to be successful teachers. All PACErs work with an academic advisor to ensure timely completion of the degree program.