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Community Living

While teaching, and taking classes, PACErs live in intentional community groups of three to eight members. PACE communities live simply, experiencing the joys and challenges of teaching and working to build shared expectations. They share group expenses and household responsibilities. To affirm and support community life, members from the PACE team visits each community during the school year and offer community-building opportunities during the summer on-campus sessions.

One of the essential ways PACE teachers are invited to build community is through spiritual growth. Many PACErs attend weekly Mass together and participate actively in the liturgical life of their school. As part of their PACE experience, PACErs are provided a cycle of retreats. These retreats provide PACErs an opportunity to refresh their spirits as they reflect on their lives and their serving experiences in light of their faith journey. Freed of the stress of teaching and studying, they are given the chance to spend time relaxing, celebrating, praying, and exploring together the deeper meanings of the PACE experience.

Components of PACE Formation

Community Living

  • Living in community with other PACErs for mutual support
  • Weekly communal dinners prepared and shared by community members
  • Planned recreation activities with community members
  • A weekly community meeting to celebrate, problem-solve, listen, and share with one another
  • Living simply, sharing expenses, household responsibilities, and meals
  • Meeting individually and as a community with PACE administrators for support, problem-solving, and reflection on the community experience


PACErs are given the opportunity to experience growth in community by being actively involved in their own spirituality. Opportunities include:
  • Weekly evenings of community prayer and dinner provide opportunities to share spiritual practices with one another and to share life experiences in the context of prayer
  • Attendance at weekly Sunday Mass as a community
  • University of Portland PACE Masses during summer sessions sponsored by Campus Ministry provide the benefits of small group Eucharist celebration
  • Series of retreats throughout your time in PACE