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Admission Process and Timeline

There are three stages in the admission process. The first step begins when candidates submit an application to the University of Portland's Graduate School along with the PACE application and supplemental materials by January 25, 2019. The second step is inviting eligible applicants to a PACE interview and offering selected candidates conditional acceptance into the program. The final step in this process is a placement interview. Acceptance into the program is confirmed after an applicant has attended a placement interview with a school principal and has been accepted by a school.

1) University of Portland Graduate School Application and PACE application 

  • PACE applicants will submit the online graduate school application. 
  • PACE applicants will submit the PACE application and supplemental materials to the PACE office.
  • The PACE program will provide the Graduate School the PACE applicant's: letters of recommendation, transcript, PACE essays, current resume, teaching license (if applicable), and submitted test scores.  These do not need to be submitted with the Graduate School application. 

2) PACE Interview

  • After applications have been reviewed, eligible applicants will be invited to a PACE Interview. These interviews will begin in late January and continue through February.
  • PACE Interviews are normally held at the University of Portland.  Off-site interviews will be scheduled as necessary.
  • Following the PACE Interview, successful applicants will be conditionally accepted into the PACE program.
  • The University of Portland's Graduate School will notify applicants separately as to their acceptance.

3) Placement Interviews

  • At this point in the admission process selected candidates will be notified of placement potential.
  • PACE involves each candidate directly in the placement process. Interviews for school placements begin soon after a candidate accepts their invitation to join PACE.
  • Candidates will interview with the principal and/or school officials of the placement school. The principal of a selected placement school does the actual selection of a PACE candidate. These interviews will be arranged as soon as possible after a candidate has indicated their acceptance of their invitation to join the program.
  • After the placement interview has been completed, the coordinator of the PACE Program will confirm a candidate's placement in a school and their final acceptance into the PACE Program.

4) PACE Summer School

  • PACE Orientation begins June 17, 2019. All PACE teachers move into campus housing during this week.
  • University of Portland graduate courses begin Monday, June 24, 2019.
  • Graduation and Commencement occur in the first week of August.