Admission Process

Four Stage Admission Process

1.  Application

  • Application deadline: January 24, 2021

2.  Interview

  • After applications have been reviewed, eligible applicants will be invited to a PACE Interview.
  • Interviews will begin in late January and continue through February.
  • Interviews are normally conducted either in person or via Zoom. 
  • (NOTE: Due to COVID, we are anticipating that all interviews this year will be conducted via Zoom).

3.  Acceptance & Placement

  • PACE applicants will be notified of their acceptance no lather than March 15, 2021.
  • conditionally accepted into the PACE program.
  • The University of Portland's Graduate School will notify applicants separately as to their acceptance.
  • At the time of acceptance, PACE applicants are also notified of their placement community, school, grade level(s), and subject(s).
  • Applicants must now choose to accept and confirm their invitation to join PACE.

4. Placement Interviews

  • PACE involves each candidate and each school directly in the placement process which gives each entity agency allows each the opportunity to say yes.
  • Because all PACE teachers will be formally hired by their placement schools, the principal of each placement school is involved in the final selection of a PACE candidate.
  • PACE candidates will interview with the principal and/or school officials of the placement school. 
  • These interviews are required and will be arranged as soon as possible after a candidate has indicated their acceptance to join the program.
  • After a successful placement interview, the PACE applicant is fully accepted into PACE.

PACE Summer

(NOTE: this information assumes a typical summer and may be amended based on the current circumstances surrounding COVID.  PACE follows all health and safety guidelines as directed by the University of Portland.  All applicants accepted into PACE will be kept informed throughout the spring).  

  • PACE Move-in: June 19 & 20, 2021
  • PACE Orientation begins: June 21, 2021
  • PACE graduate courses begin: Monday, June 28, 2021
  • PACE Graduation, Commencement and Commissioning Ceremony: Friday, August 6, 2021