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Software Programs and Options

Cyberbullying Software

Website: Facebook
Mission: "We believe safety is a conversation and a shared responsibility among all of us. That's why we provide the information, tools and resources you'll find here."
  • Provides an extensive, downloadable user guide for educators that provides information helping teachers and students navigate through the site to ensure that their profile's are safe and secure
  • Facebook's Part (Safety Tools):
    • Reviews reports of abusive content, removing anything that violates the Facebook Terms or Community Standards
    • Reports are confidential
    • Tools provided to protect user's privacy, to unfriend or block people, and to help protect user information both on and off Facebook
    • Social Reporting
      • Lets people report offensive material to Facebook at the same time as they alert someone in their community (like a friend, parent or teacher) who may help them address the issue more directly
      • In cases of bullying or harassment, where a user doesn't feel comfortable reaching out to the person directly, they can use social reporting to get help from a parent, teacher or trusted friend
      • Users can share that piece of content and a message about the situation with someone they trust
      • There is also an option to block the person who posted the content and report it to Facebook so we can take action, if appropriate.
    • Safety Advisory Board
      • Facebook is also part of a larger online safety community
      • Advises Facebook on safety issues
      • Works with a diverse set of experts and organizations devoted to online safety in order to bring the best safety resources to Facebook
      • Members of that board are leading internet safety organizations Childnet International, ConnectSafely, The Family Online Safety Institute, The National Network to End Domestic Violence, and WiredSafety
  • User's Part
    • Use the information and links in the Safety Center to learn about the available safety tools, and share that knowledge with others
    • Review the privacy settings page and choose settings that are right for the user
    • Make sure the account is secure by keeping the password safe
    • Read up on the Community Standards
    • Report people and content that violate the Facebook Terms
    • Block and report anyone who sends unwanted or inappropriate messages
  • The Law
    • Federal law (Stored Communications Act, 18 U.S.C. § 2701 et seq.) prohibits Facebook from disclosing the contents of an account (such as messages, Wall posts, photos, etc.) except in response to a civil subpoena or court order
    • There are ways that we can provide a limited amount of information to help law enforcement officials do their jobs

Website: AceSpy Computer Spy Software
Mission: AceSpy Spy Software makes it easy for parents to see what their child is doing online
  • After installed, it will begin recording everything that is done on the computer and is completely hidden from others
  • Gives parents the ability to have their child's emails and chats forwarded instantly after they happen
  • Allows the parent to know instantly so that they take action before its too late
  • Costs $59.99 for the software

Website: Web Watcher
Mission: Tool offering parents an easy way for them to continue meeting their responsibilities without constantly having to be present to watch over their teens
  • Computer monitoring software that includes a keylogger can be an important part of parents' strategies to combat cyberbullying, when combined with setting clear expectations and rules regarding internet use and initiating open communication about appropriate internet behavior
  • Costs $106.95 for the software

Website: YourSphere
Mission: Software giving parents access to their child(ren)'s internet activity
  • Parents log in and they're presented with a dashboard that's separated into different sections: summary, IM chat, websites visited, applications, typed text, and options
  • These sections allow you to view data like the amount of time a child spent on applications such as Skype or Steam, how long they were on a specific social network or gaming website, or who they're chatting with on IM
  • No cost