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PACE Master of Education Application Requirements

Please complete the following steps for initial application to the PACE Program:

  • Submit your Graduate School application.

Graduate School Application

  • The PACE MEd Application Form will be available in August.


  • Video Introduction:

An additional component of applying to the PACE Program is submission of a 1-3 minute video introducing yourself and explaining why you want to become a teacher. The short video tutorial above should give you a sense of what to include, and also provide an example of the ease with which you can create your own video intro.

  • All videos should address the following: 1) Personal Introduction 2) Why you want to become a teacher.
  • Videos can be no more than three (3) minutes in length and can be as creative as you'd like.
  • All videos MUST be uploaded to YouTube with a privacy setting of "UNLISTED." This will allow you to share your video url with us, without the video being available to the Public. Please do not set your video to PRIVATE; we will be unable to view it.
    • Most video capture functions on smart phones and tablets allow for direct upload to YouTube, as do editing programs like iMovie.
    • YouTube also features a webcam record and upload function available directly from their "Upload" button, which candidates are free to use.
    • Please title your video with your name and the PACE Program graduate strand (MAT or M.Ed.) to which you are applying. Ex: "Jane Doe - PACE MAT Application"
    • After you have created the video and uploaded to YouTube, please provide the video url by clicking on the button below.
    • Have fun and let your personality shine through!
    • The form to submit your video will be available in August.


PACE Application videos will ONLY be used for candidate application and placement purposes. PACE will not share or make public any videos for promotion or marketing of the program. The video remains the sole property of the applicant.

Additional Application Requirements

  • Transcript documenting degree awarded
    • Official final transcripts confirming degree conference must be on file in the University of Portland, School of Education before acceptance is official.
    • Please send transcript(s) to the PACE Office at:
      PACE Program
      School of Education, MSC 149
      5000 N Willamette Blvd.
      Portland OR 97203
  • Current Resume
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation:
    • Recommendations are required from three individuals. These writers should comment specifically on the personal qualities and experience that indicate the candidate's capability to assume the responsibilities of classroom teaching in a Catholic school, live in a faith-based community and/or successfully complete graduate studies.
    • Please include only 3 letters of recommendation
    • Letters should be no more than one page
    • Email & phone number of the reference should be included in the signature of the letter
    • There are three distinct recommendation forms (each form linked below):
      • Academic Recommendation: Letter of reference from a professor, academic advisor, research chair, academic supervisor, etc.
      • Experience with Children Recommendation: Letter of reference from an individual who can speak to the candidate's experience working with children or youth: camp director, cooperating teacher, tutoring program administrator, head coach, day care director, service project leader, etc.
      • Non-Peer Character Recommendation: Letter of reference from an individual who can speak to the candidate's strength of character and preparation for living with others in a faith-based intentional community: priest or pastor, campus minister, residence hall director, mentor, employer or supervisor, etc.
  • Evaluators are asked to email the recommendation directly to: If unable to email, please ask the evaluator to mail hard copies to the PACE Office at:
PACE Program
School of Education, MSC 149
5000 N Willamette Blvd.
Portland OR 97203
  • Teaching License:
    • All applicants with a teaching license are required to submit a copy of the license.