Open School MAT (OMAT) Residency Program

In addition to the standard 10-month Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program, the UP School of Education offers on a limited basis a two-year MAT residency at Open School East, a 7th -12th grade college preparatory and leadership alternative school in east Multnomah County. The OMAT program prioritizes the recruitment and development of teachers of color to better represent the diversity of our schools, but accepts applications for the limited number of OMAT positions from all pre-service educators with a calling to work with marginalized populations and a commitment to directly addressing the achievement gap and disproportionate discipline.

A Dynamic Partnership

The OMAT Residency is a partnership between the University of Portland School of Education and Open School, a Portland-based non-profit whose mission is to develop connection, capability, and confidence in disconnected youth through relationship-based, quality learning experiences that result in academic, personal, and community success. The partnership includes:

  • Open School's 40-year history of successfully working with marginalized and disengaged students in accredited public and alternative school settings.
  • The UP School of Education's 50-year track record of providing high quality education for teacher candidates.
  • A collaborative pre-service teacher preparation residency at Open School East, a 7-12 school emphasizing college preparation and leadership development for marginalized students.

A Culturally Responsive Academic Program

OMAT candidates will engage in University and school-based courses and field experiences specifically designed to help them develop connection, capability, and confidence in disconnected, marginalized youth and to support struggling students in persisting to high school graduation and post-secondary success. The program includes:

  • 36 course credits taken over two years leading to an MAT degree and an Oregon initial ("preliminary") teaching license upon successful completion.
  • An equity certificate emphasizing race, equity, and cross-cultural communication.
  • A combination of academic courses and school-based experiences.
  • A reduced tuition rate.

A Residency Model

OMAT candidates will work closely with Open School students and faculty for two years. Culturally inclusive, with a relationship-based approach, and with an extended-day and -year school program focusing on engagement and skill-acceleration, Open School will be an ideal learning lab for any future teacher called to work with marginalized populations and committed to directly addressing the achievement gap and disproportionate discipline. The model includes:

  • During year one, advocate tutoring for Open School students during the morning with coursework at the University of Portland and Open School later in the day.
  • In year two, co-teaching full time with an Open School teacher.
  • A simple living stipend.

Want to learn more?

Applying for the Program

Applicants must apply to both the MAT program through the University of Portland Graduate School and to the OMAT Residency program through the School of Education. The deadline for both applications is March 1, 2017 to begin in Summer 2017.

For MAT/Graduate School application:

For the OMAT application, apply online HERE

Once a candidate’s MAT/Graduate School application, OMAT Residency application, and all other required materials have been submitted and reviewed, the admission process begins. The first step in this process is inviting eligible applicants to a MAT/OMAT interview. The second step is MAT/Graduate School acceptance, which is done on a rolling basis. The third step is conditional acceptance to the OMAT Residency program. Finally, OMAT acceptance will be confirmed after submission of the candidate’s ORELA Specific Subject Test scores. 

Testing Requirements

ORELA – Oregon Educator Licensure Special Subject Assessments 

OMAT candidates must complete the ORELA single-subject test in the area(s) they wish to teach by May 1, 2017.  Admission to the program will not be confirmed until this test is taken.  The ORELA single-subject test must by passed before you enter the Year 2 teaching residency.
To register and receive more information regarding test sites and dates go to the ORELA Tests page and select the area you wish to teach.  This is a required subject area test.  It is designed to test your knowledge of the subject area you hope to teach.

ORELA Protecting Student and Civil Rights in the Educational Environment

This test is required of all OMAT/MAT applicants and all persons wishing to obtain an Oregon Teaching license.  This test can be taken after you have gained admission into the OMAT program but must be passed before you enter the Year 2 teaching residency.  To register and receive more information regarding test sites and dates, click HERE.

Contact Information

For additional information, please contact Anne Rasmussen at or Rich Christen at


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